Mozilla Summit 2013 (Oct 3-6) is my first Mozilla Summit in my volunteer life of Mozilla Community. It's really great to have an opportunity to be a facilitator of support session in Summit.

Refer to "Five Ways to Have a Great Summit" at Wiki page of Mozilla Summit 2013. The first one is "Participate" which is the most important key that I want to demonstrate to all Mozillians especially young talents that there's no limitation when we are challenging our visions and dreams.

This post will write about how I participate to be a facilitator before Summit, at Summit and after Summit. Hope it will not too boring and may be sort of useful for someone who plan to be a speaker/facilitator of any Mozillian events in the future. :-)

One Month Before Summit: Sign-up

Sep/8 -- inception

Happen to read the information about signing-up to be a facilitator of Summit supporting sessions. I leave a post on my Facebook wall: "Plan to be a facilitator of "ideas into action" session in Santa Clara....https://etherpad.mozilla.org/summit-sessions-sunday-ideasintoaction".

Sep/10 or Sep/11 -- Summit reminder & sign-up

I guess I done my sign-up when I got this Summit reminder that maintained about "Facilitators needed (sign up by 11 September)". In my brain (based on my previous experience), there's usually a speaker will stand on the stage and there are some facilitators stand or sit around the classroom to help the session process smoothly. Also I think that I have some sort of solid speech and on-stage training experience in my AIESEC age, there should be no problem even "facilitator" really means "speaker" :p

It's simple. Just leave my name on the session etherpad (by session).

2 Weeks Before Summit: Training 

Sep/12 --Receive a training invitation by Katherine via google calendar

I received one calendar invitation titled "[Summit Supporting Sessions] Facilitator Training". Don't remember the exactly date but I was in Montreal, Canada attending Bluetooth Working Group Summit that week and flying back Taiwan on Friday or Saturday that means I will miss the Summit Facilitator Training.

(I received the video of this training on Sep/18 email titled "[Please Read] Summit Facilitator Training Video + Meeting Notes" which is also a good way for me to know more about Summit. I'm still trying to find anything and everything about the attend characteristics to form and design the session.)

Sep/12 -- Group emailing

Then I found Lawrence's (who is the Track Owner of this session) email titled "Summit Session Confirmation and Next Steps" which is a long but very useful email described in details and also connected all 3 facilitators of this session. Therefore we can brainstorm and discuss together. :-)

There is also one clear and useful "Facilitator Guide" at Summit Wiki -- https://wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013/Sessionfacilitators , where I can find contact, schedule, date, planning there by myself without interrupting anyone who should be very busy couple weeks before Summit.

An interesting thing for me is "special technical equipment or supplies form" that says supporting session encourage facilitators not to use projectors and wish to have more discussion, more face-to-face information exchange.

1 Week Before Summit: Cooking

Kate keeps kindly remind all facilitators to prepare session framework and provide to Track Owners. There are also two "Summit Session Facilitator Support Calls" can be attended. Also get presentation slide template (keynote format), but I'm thinking maybe I don't need the template due to supporting session keeps reminder about "it doesn't need to be slides!".

Sep/27 -- Group Meeting

Thanks for all facilitators' of this session help to host a Vidyo conference call. Thanks to Larissa's hosting and Karen, Selena's help (due to our timezone difference). We had some preparation / brainstorming and structure our ideas and plans on the session etherpad.

Sep/30 -- Everyone's help

Karen drafted v1 slide outline. Larissa drafted a worksheet. These all become great materials for me to cook slides.

Oct 2 -- Fly to Santa Clara

I start to cook slides and publish the drafting version on slideshare, and update it day by day.

At Summit

The first question is there's the other same name session "Ideas into Action" on the Day 3 morning time, but all of us (facilitators of the name name session in the afternoon) don't know the exact content of the session in the morning. Though there's still some difference between these two same name sessions: the one in the morning is more like for global Mozilla, the one in the afternoon is more like for one person and for a team.

In Santa Clara, we totally have 6 people in this session. It's kind of tiny session but it's great for every attendees to have more practicing time and opportunity to participate. :-)

I got projector and a white board due to 2-day observation of the same session room.

Here are some more pictures of our session in Santa Clara:

Ernest Chiang Photography: MozSummit, SUN &emdash;

Ernest Chiang Photography: MozSummit, SUN &emdash;

Ernest Chiang Photography: MozSummit, SUN &emdash;

Ernest Chiang Photography: MozSummit, SUN &emdash;

(Special thanks to othree and Irvin who took pictures for this session.)

After Summit

It's a great supporting session to support everyone's dreams and ideas, with Nature of Mozilla, Mozilla Four Pillars, and some tools (SMART, 7S). All attendees enjoy it. Here are some feedbacks of them. Thank you everyone :-)

"It was an intimate session with the Taiwan community and I have to say this was my favorite session ever! Ernest introduced some tools we can use in brainstorming for our strategic plans and events that we can organize. I will really apply the useful stuff we have learned to our team!"

-- <Mozilla Summit 2013 Santa Clara>, Faye's Book

"Just finished with Ideas into Actions session! Even though we're only few, we had a fun session! 😁👍… http://instagram.com/p/fJBqu2qHcM/" -- Marcucu Ang ‏@heyitsmarcucu

Update, Feb/23, 2014:

This is an awesome work about documentation about an event. Thanks to Faye's sharing about "Very First FSA Leaders Camp" of Mozilla Philippines. You can find the manual of this event at this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6ffgtf8c3o3ryd/FSALeadersCampManual.pdf
This manual described about "Goals", "Manpower", "Logistics" and more all the detailed summaries about the event. Good reference for Mozillians to hold next great event.

If you are interested in "Ideas into Action" session or in having more participation as a Mozillian, please feel free to email me <dwchiang@mail.moztw.org> or find MozTW community at moztw-general mailing list.

If you are interested in being a Mozilla speaker, you may like this program "Evangelism Reps". :-)


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