As a PMP (Project Management Professional Credential) which is qualified by PMI (Project Management Institute), we need to renew our PDU to reach 60 PDU criteria within every 3-year cycle. It was my first time to udpate my PDU record in PMI's website last week, and I found the total 12 PDU I updated in last week have been transferred as my PDU now. Pretty simple.

身為一個 PMI 認證的 PMP 國際專案管理師證照持有者,我們必須持續更新我們的 PDU,在每三年一次的證照有效週期當中需要達到 60 個 PDU 才能繼續持有這張國際證照。上禮拜我第一次上傳更新我在 2007 年所獲得的 PDU 資料,剛剛上去查的時候已經被列入有效 PDU 了。一步步往 60 PDU 邁進!


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