I just found one interesting world wide sketch activity on the internet - SketchCrawl. Very simple game rule to participate it :) I will join the next game.

我剛剛在網路上發現有這個全球性的速寫活動 - SketchCrawl,很可惜錯過了 11/4 的活動。下次我也要參加 :)

In 2004, a storyboard artist from San Francisco called Enrico Casarosa came upwith a brilliant idea: “SketchCrawl!” – a drawing marathon for artists all over the world. The concept was well received on the internet and people began to organize their own local groups, set out a date and draw together for a wholeday. The experience allowed people notonly to connect, but to also share and compare others’ thoughts, individual takes on the surroundings, details and sensibilities. There’s also a forum for everyone to posttheir sketches.

「2004年,來自Pixar Animation Studios(曾製作 Toy Story 和 Finding Nemo)的Enrico Casarosa跟幾位朋友,於美國三藩市當地發起名為SketchCrawl!的街頭速寫活動。

最初,幾位插畫家只管拿著繪本在大街小巷隨意畫,直至一整天過去,大夥兒便往咖啡廳聚首,相互交換心得。沒想到,這個原只屬於哥兒間的活動,經網路 傳播而 日漸壯大。現時,SketchCrawl!除定期於美國本土舉行主題活動外,更聯合不同國家及城市的策劃人,舉辦全球同步SketchCrawl! Day,從而結集熱愛繪畫盟友一起舞動筆桿,在呆板的生活中發掘久被隱藏的趣味。 」

-- Source provided by Kit Tsui (Creato)


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