Dear AIESEC Alumni Member!

Next year in 2008 is a Special Year for AIESEC. And, a Special Year for AIESEC Alumni, too.

Now, we have over 100 member countries and reagions with more than 300,000 alumni members and 30,000 AIESEC student members around the world.

As all of you are aware that AIESEC was born in 1948 in Stockholm, so we are planning to celebrate the 60th AIESEC Anniversary under the theme of "60 Years of Activating Youth Leadership" around the world.

The following is some of official AIESEC 60th Anniversary events which are already scheduled in each region:

January 17, 2008 in London, UK

March 21-23, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan

May 9-11, 2008 in Budapest, Hungary

June 27-29, 2008 in Brussels, Belgium

August 22-24, 2008 in Brazil

I'm sending this email to alert all of you to block your schedule druing March 21-23, 2008 to visit Tokyo and meet up with many of your old AIESEC friends in Asia Pacific region, since we will have the 60th Anniversary of AIESEC (hosted by AIESEC in Japan) and the 2nd AIESEC Asia Pacific Alumni Congress (hosted by OBAIESEC). (There will be more than 200 AIESEC student members from Asia Pacific region gathered in Tokyo for APXLDS during March 17-23, 2008.)

The detailed program will follow sometime in December, but a rough plan is as follows:

March 21, 2008: @Pasela Resorts, Ginza

19:00pm-22:00pm Welcome Party/Asian Night in Ginza

March 22, 2008: @Keidanren, Ohtemachi

10:00am-12:00pm The 2nd Asia Pacific Alumni Congress

"Connecting AIESEC Alumni in Asia Pacific Region"

(Expecting to have more than 200 alumni members from the region)

12:00pm-13:30pm Networking Lunch

13:30pm-17:30pm AIESEC 60th Anniversary Memorial Forum

"Student Sumit for Sustainable Asia"

(Expecting to have 200 AIESEC student representatives from the

region who are attending APXLDS and 200 alumni members)

18:00pm-20:30pm AIESEC 60th Anniversary Ceremony & Gala Party

March 23, 2008: Optional Study Tour in/around Tokyo

(We are considering to have an optional tour to Kyoto and Nara from March 24 - 25, if

we have enough requests from those participating alumni.)

Note: 1) As for the participation fee, it will be $100-120 for the programs.

(The fees for those spouses who are attending the programs will be $70-80.)

2) The hotel accommodation will be arranged at a reasonable rate in 3 types:

3 pricing ranges, about $200, $100, and $60 per night, respectively.

At OBAIESEC (AIESEC Alumni Association in Japan) , we are pleased to find out your old Japanese

AIESEC friends and ask them to participate the events. So, please ask me so by e-mail at any time.

Also, e-mail to me if you have already decided to participate the 60th Anniversary event and the 2nd

AIESEC Asia Pacific Alumni Congress so that I can start to arrange in advance.

Please forward this information to all of your AIESEC friends since this email circulation is limited.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Warmest regards,

Hiro Kinashi

AIESEC Alumni Association in Japan

8-10-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku

Tokyo 104-0061

Phone: +81-3-5537-627

Mobile: +81-90-1465-0717

Skype: hirokinashi


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